Saturday, September 19, 2009

Travel tips for kids, that I have learned

So we have taken the kids on many plane flights since Isabella has been born and we have gathered a few tips that we have learned.
1. A portable DVD player is worth its weight in gold. If you are traveling by car, take it out after the trip. tor they will get addicted! I know some people disagree with this, but there is so much stress already placed on a family when travelling you don't need to add more. Now at the same time use it sparingly so when you do take it out the attention goes there.
2. Keep some over the counter drugs close and accessible. Some sort of pain killer is key. Teething tablets if you are in that phase. AB-Drops for flight, these are a secret life saver (look them up).
3. Bring a sippy cup. Even if your kid is getting rid of them. The rubber stopper is a good way to travel liquid without spilling. You can always open it and use it as a cup. This cane be replaced by some sort of canteen as well. It seems like my girls are always thirsty. Planes are dry, and stopping in a car gets annoying! But not too much! Little balloon only hold so much.
4. Pen and paper. This can help you when you need to remember and help entertain your kids with drawing!
5. Lunch box. Bring your own snacks, this saves money and then you have things readily available. For flying, bring dry goods. There is no need to get stopped by the TSA.
6. Dollar store will help. Go to the dollar store and go buy a few toys so you always have a new toy, book, or activity to pull out when you child is bored with the previous. Remember dealing with kids is like a card game, it take patience and knowledge of when to hold and when to play. Do not show your hand all at once. If you show your kid all of the toys in the beginning they won't be surprised when your get the next one, hence the direction is not redirected.
7. Learn how to naturally 'pop' your kids ears. Gum for the older kids. Lollies, drinks, or bottles for the younger ones during take off and landing work as well.
8. Make scary times a game. Such as taking off or landing, have you kids guess when you are on the ground or in the air. "Now?... No... Now? ... Yes, good job!" Tunnels when driving, have them try to guess the number of lights or seconds to get though. It all a game!
9. Strap things in! When you are traveling with kids you are bound to have tons of stuff. Do the best you can to put everything into one or two bags. If you have bulk items try to tie them down to the outside of your bag. For an example coats; coats can be placed on the outside of your bag so it is readily available and takes up less space!
10. Push them just a little bit. If you are traveling near a nap time, always try to get them to sleep during a flight or a drive push them slightly later if needed. I try to make trips revolving around the noon time so we can get a nap during travel times.
11. Napkins. You never have enough.
12. Straws. It seems that straws lately have become many times larger than the drink container. This causes a weight distribution problem for small kids that are stretching to drink out of it. I always take the straw measure out about 1 inch above the container, then I find a sharp object to cut it down to size. Place the cut end into the drink just in case it is slightly jagged. There you go! Instant less spills due to height.
13. Small plastic bag. Good for trash, lollies when no being eaten, instant bibs, or anything else you can think of.
14. Psst, passports! Yes if you have kids, no matter the age and you are flying internationally, you need a passport. Our friends just had a baby and they had a major emergency out of the country, the dad had to stay back and wait while these few week old babies had passports created for them.

More tips to come later

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