Monday, September 22, 2008

All Grown Up?

This is a picture of Isabella yesterday. She put Nicole's shoes on, went around the house saying "Good Bye... Good Bye".

So as she swung back around to me and after she opened the garage door, I stopped her and asked where she was going.

"Daddy I am going to the library."


Isabella - She has been telling us that she is scared of birds. She has been waking up at night and saying that she is scared. Last night in the car she started saying she didn't want to go to bed because of the birds. We have tried to gain more information about these birds, but I have got is that they are orange.

Charlotte - She has been eating and trying new things. We have been preparing natural food and milling them for her. We are up to potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, pears, & apples. If you are planning on making your own food, (which is easy) try not to do apricots! It gets everywhere and sticks to everything! If she was older and we didn't have to mill it as much it would be easier.

Friday, September 19, 2008

6:10 PM 9/18/08!

We have our power back!
After a long while, when the power turns back on you really don't know what to do.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

DARKNESS Day 4 - "Bonded and Ensured"

Problems and/or Disasters can bring out the best and worst in us all. I am very hard pressed to say we are living through a "disaster". (Unless we are talking about Wall Street) So I think we should call this an inconvenience or problem.

Us as a family have really come together dealing with this issue. Last night Nicki bought a puzzle for Isabella to play with. We sat as a family after dinner and played with that puzzle until sunset. Charlotte didn't help out that much, but she did reach out and grabbed a few peaces and then promptly started to chew on them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DARKNESS Day 3 - One with the darkness

Yes we are now into our third day with no power. Yesterday after work we bought ice (which was really hard to find... we got lucky!) taking what ever we could salvage out of the fridge and freezer and putting them on ice. Tossing a whole bunch of other food out. Cleaning the fridge top to bottom on the inside.
Then we went over to Steve and Jen's house to give a bath to the girls. We owe them so much to open their doors while we are in a disaster. Thank you so much Collis's!!

Inside thoughts: Now that the food is taken care of and on ice, which should be okay for a few days. We really have embraced the dark. Going to bed early. Not watching TV. No Internet. No lights. Living by candle light. We really can do it. We get a realization of how tied to electricity we really are.

We all take for granted basic things such as hot water, circulating air, convenience of a light switch and not having to light a candle. In the end we are not dealing with anything compared to the devastation of the direct hits of hurricanes Ike and Katrina, our heart really go out to the people that have less than we do at our 19th century house. We have a roof above our heads and clean running water. Without those necessities I don't know where we would be.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today is the start of no power. Last night we had cereal and pie for dinner. Fred shaved with cold water by candle light. We gathered as a family in our bed and read stories to the girls by candle light.

On the "lighter side" of things. Charlotte rolled for the first time last night!

Cold showers woke us up this morning and we are hoping that todays is the last day of the darkness.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Yes we have been effected by Hurricane Ike all the way up here in Columbus, Ohio.
We have been without electricity since around 5PM yesterday, as of 1PM today we still are out.

Isabella has been asking a lot of questions about why we don't turn the lights on.

The girls had a bath by candle-light last night, it was very cute.

We are making "light" of the situation, and teaching Isabella about candles and how dangerous they are.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Separated at birth? Blue Steel

Isabella Felter vs. Derek Zoolander


They are cuties!

They are cuties!

Isabella is Fred & Nicki's Daughter

After watching Isabella eat cookies and milk like a champ, we now know that she is a Fred and Nicki's daughter.