Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Waffle Time!

A few weeks ago you may have read about our trip to Bellevue, Ohio. We gained many things from that trip including great memories and an unexpected recipe. This could possibly be the best waffles that we have ever eaten!

I would encourage each and everyone of you to go right now and make these. However, these are not for the light-hearted, this is two days of cooking to concoct this tasty goodness. (Two days of very easy cooking, ha!)

I can say one thing that each of out chiquititas ate a whole waffle, four pieces! Nicole and I ate one as well, and another, and another... yes it was bad!

We cannot take credit for this, I don't know where the owner got the recipe but I will give him all of the credit. Thank you Richard!! You can find him at the The Victorian Tudor Inn.

If you happen to use this please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Have an upgrade? Please leave it as well.

One thing that I noticed that Richard used one of the waffle irons that flips over, that typed seemed to produce a more "waffle shaped" waffle. While ours was slightly flatter on the top side. The taste was unsurpassed! Next round we will experiment to see if we can get it to rise more without purchasing a flip type.

Now for the goods...

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