Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Isabella's First Running Race

This is Isabella's first running race. She was able to run in the 6 and under age group. She did so well. Grandma-ma was so nice to get her new running shoes that she does not take off now.

Isabella warmed up by running in place while holding Grandma's hand.

Then she ran her 100 yard run.

After the race she was looking around trying to find me at the finish line. She did so well, we all are so proud!

As an update, Nicki and I were able to run our 5K. This was Nicki's first and she finished with a 22:50 time, and I got my personal best at a 22:28!

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It's Beautiful Outside!

Find a Park!
This weekend was so nice outside. The first thing we had to do with Grandma and Grandpa was to find a park and get outside.

Isabella has been loving swinging. "Higher!" She crys.

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Greatest Show On Earth II

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The Greatest Show On Earth!

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Happy Mothers Day! 2009

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Let's Fly a Kite!

Here are some pictures of Isabella flying a kite. This was her first time trying and with dad's help, we did great!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Formal Weekend

This past weekend was beautiful outside.
We tried to spend as much time outside with the girls as possible.

As you can see we had a very dressy picnic outside. Then we were able to take the roadster out for a nice Sunday drive. After that we decided to pick some flowers!
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Step by Step

Sorry about the poor quality.
Charlotte decided it was time to take her first few steps!
Here is the exact time. I belive she has the strength to do it but she is just scared at this point!

"Step by Step" was the biggest selling single from New Kids on the Block. Written by Maurice Starr, it was a huge worldwide hit selling over 6.5 million copies worldwide making it one of the biggest selling singles of 1990.
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Sunny Days!

Sunny days
Chasing the clouds away
Find my way
To where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get


Come and play
Everything's a-ok
Friendly neighbors there
For all to meet
Can you tell me how to get

You know the words!

written by Joe Raposo, Jon Stone, and Bruce Hart
According to Wiki, Joe Raposo best known for his work on the children's television series Sesame Street, for which he wrote the theme song, as well as classic songs such as "Bein' Green" and "C is for Cookie". He also wrote music for television shows such as The Electric Company, Shining Time Station and the sitcom Three's Company, including its theme song.
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