Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great food, service, atmosphere, & great with kids

On a whim, we decided to pick up food from Carsonie's on Westerville Road. (There is one in UA as well) This is the first time we have ever eaten here even though they say it is Columbus's 'favorite' Stromboli.

From the second I walked in the service was amazing and everyone made an effort to talk to both of there girls. And I was ordering take out!

We ordered, and they told us they could wait outside and the kids could play in the sand box. Now this was sort of a lie, but it was a nice one because it was a full sized boccie ball court. Now that is a place for me! The girls loved it. tone of the waitresses even came out and gave the girls a pink lemonade. I ordered take out! That is called classy service.

The restaurant /bar was riddled with OSU and other local sport stuff. You can really see they care about the community.

Now the food. Great!
Grab a beer, watch a game, take the kids... Have fun.

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