Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plant Update: A Few New Friends

We have been continuing to try to teach Isabella how plants grow and at the same time gain some valuable herbs for our kitchen. Isabella has been able to take some of the leaves off of our basil plant and put them directly into our pasta sauce. It has been helping a little with her picking things out of her food. (Cilantro Pictured)

We did add a few new plants to our crop. One is for some people somewhat scary, a Venus Fly Trap! I guess the first question is why would we ever get one? Well they eat the little gnats that start showing up when you over water your plants. (No... not me! *wink wink) Isabella has been very hesitant about this plant. She likes looking at it but does not like it being too close.

Another fan favourite is our new Shamrock.
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