Monday, March 2, 2009

Great "Scotts" II : What are we feeding our kids?

Both Nicki and I try to keep an eye out for foods that may not be beneficial for our children. Once again this is not a law that we live by just something that we like to keep in mind. These are things like if we are torn between organic apples or saving a few cents for non-organic. Well here is the most recent list of 10 Most Dangerous Foods according to (Click here to find out why?)

1. Farmed Salmon
2. Conventionally Grown Bell Peppers
3. Non-Organic Strawberries
4. Chilean Sea Bass
5. Non-Organic Peaches
6. Genetically Modified Corn
7. Bluefin Tuna
8. Industrially Farmed Chicken
9. Non-Organic Apples
10. Cattle Treated With rBGH

Surprised by the list? You will be more surprised when you read why. Such as added NutraSweet to the irrigation.

Some may say, "...well I grew up eating that stuff and I am okay."
Many of these issues were not present in yesteryear. (While the average dairy cow produced almost 5,300 pounds of milk a year in 1950, today, a typical cow produces more than 18,000 pounds, I could account some of that to better efficiency. Then I thought about how humans have increased in speed over the years. 1952 vs 2008 Olympic 100m Free - 57.4 vs 47.21 an 18% decrease. The numbers just don't add up to increasing milk production by that much.)
You also grew up without the Internet and I don't see you giving that up any time soon, so times can change. If you want to give up the Internet click
here first.

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