Monday, March 23, 2009

O brave new world!

In 1931 Aldous Huxley wrote a novel named Brave New World, this book was set in London 2540 AD the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology and sleep studies that combine to change society.

This weekend Isabella had a sleep study to see if we could find out more information about her large adenoids and sometimes she stomach becomes distended after she eats.
Her sleep technician that helped Isabella out keep calling her a robot, which made me think of the Huxley book. Which had nothing to do with robots but it did had sleep studies and was set in the future.

She was an absolute trooper. She never cried until the morning when we had to take off the "stickers".

Over all she had 5 leads attached to her scalp, 5 on her face, 2 on her chest, 4 on her legs, 2 elastic belts around her chest, a rope around her face to hold the tube around her nose.and finally a oxygen monitor attached to her finger. 21 wires, and 2 tubes!

Until Sunday she would not let us take off the "stickers" that were on her chest and legs. If we talked about them she broke down crying. So even though she put on a strong facade I believe it was gilded.

If you ever have to do this with one of you children my suggestion would be to call everything stickers, and to make sure you discuss what is going to happen in an exciting way long before you get there. All week we talked about, "Daddy and Isabella are going to sleep at the doctors house for a sleep over this weekend, isn't that fun?", "The doctors is going to put special stickers all over your body, you love stickers right?"

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