Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh this technology..

On the ride to daycare, Isabella asked if she could listen to the Wiggles. Normally I have a CD in the car for the girls to listen to, but right then I didn't. What to do?
For a bit I just let it go because kids should be able to turn and look outside every once and a while, however I thought of something. Pandora.
What? You say..
Yes Pandora. This is a peice of software that I have known about for a
while and never embraced. Any computer online and most cell phones with a data plan can sign up for this free service. I have been using it on my long runs and bike rides on the stationary bike most recently.
I thought, if I can use it for me, I should be able to for the kids right? Yes sir it worked.
Your next question... How does it work? Well it is easy, you type something in like 'Bonjovi' and it will make a "radio station" like play list for you, that consists of Bonjovi and other bands like it. If Warrant comes up next, click the thumbs down and it will remember not to play songs like that.
So I plugged in Wiggles... And instant happiness!
What are they going to think of next? Try it out! We have learn about a bunch of new kids groups from using this program. Normal songs that pop up include many different Disney songs, Daniel Cook, Raffi, Some Umbrella something (I don't remember)... and many more.

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