Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gone Through A Lot

On this vacation so far we have been through a lot. Extreme Makeover being filmed, an earthquake, a trip to Rehoboth Beach, to Ocean City, and now we need to leave early due to hurricane Irene.

One day the girls found a mole crab, however growing up I always called sand crabs or sand dabs. Both of those are completely different creatures.

Another day we found a group of men fishing with a net. They were catching fish they could sell and tossing others back in. They had many needle fish and one really cool striped burrfish that actually croaked! They both held some small anchovies.

The girls on our very last day found a conch shell and asked me if it was live. I walked over thinking no way an alive conch would come ashore. However it was! I turned it over and it squirted water at us!
We talked about why it needed to put back into the ocean, and I tossed it back.

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Location:Texas Ave,Lewes,United States

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