Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day

Today was a day of firsts. Isabella is in a new building starting kindergarten and Charlotte is in Pre-school.

Did you know according to wiki...

It isn't kinderGARDEN.

The first kindergarten in Hungary was founded on May 27, 1828 by the countess Theresa Brunszvik in her residence in the city of Buda under the name of Angyalkert (Angel garden).

Later, Friedrich Fröbel opened the first institute of preschool education outside Hungary, on June 28, 1840. Fröbel created the name Kindergarten (Children's Garden) for the Play and Activity Institute, which he had founded in 1837 in the village of Bad Blankenburg in Germany.

The first kindergarten in the United States was founded in Watertown, Wisconsin, by Margarethe Meyer-Schurz in 1856. It was based on Friedrich Fröbel, whom she was intrigued by in Germany. Her sister founded the first kindergarten in London, England.

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