Thursday, July 22, 2010

Furry Residents II

The Polar Bear is the world largest land carnivor maxing out around 2,000 lbs, that lives in the Artic Cricle mostly in North America, but also found in Asia. Interestingly enough the fur is actually clear and hollow and their skin is black. The white coat usually yellows with age. When kept in captivity in warm, humid conditions, the fur may turn a pale shade of green due to algae growing inside the hollow guard hairs.

Although stereotyped as being voraciously aggressive, they are normally cautious in confrontations, and often choose to escape rather than fight.

Contrary to a legend among native hunters, polar bears do not cover their black noses while lying in wait for seals. However I have read on a clear day their nose can be spotted up to six miles away with Binoculars.

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