Thursday, July 22, 2010

Columbus's Newest Furry Residents

The Columbus Zoo has added another new exhibit this year featuring Polar bears. The new exhibit gives the viewers a very interesting view of Polar bear.... from down below! What a great new exhibit.

Many people do not give the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium the credit it deserves, however did you know that...

The zoo operates its own conservation program, donating money to outside programs as well as participating in their own conservation efforts. Over the past five years the zoo has raised over $3.3 million from fifteen different sources.

Once the expansion is over in 2014 the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will be over double the land size of the San Diego Zoo and Detroit Zoo, larger than the National Zoo, and getting close to the massive 260+ acre Bronx Zoo?

Currently the we have 5,804 animals that is larger than the San Diego Zoo, National Zoo, Bronx Zoo, and National Zoo. The Detroit Zoo has Columbus is numbers.

Also 746 species reside here... which is only eclipsed by the San Diego Zoo from the previously mentioned zoos.

The Columbus Zoo first got put on the map in 1956 where on December 22, 1956, Colo, a Western lowland gorilla, became the world's first captive-born gorilla at the Columbus Zoo. She is the oldest gorilla in captivity, and in 2006 celebrated her 50th birthday. Colo's family is now very extended, with 1 child, 10 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren still living in zoos throughout the country. The Columbus Zoo currently houses 15 gorillas, 6 of which are related to Colo. Thanks in large part to the efforts with Colo, The Columbus Zoo has become a leader in breeding gorillas with 30 gorillas born at the zoo since 1956. According to wiki.

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