Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sou'wester For All

Anytime our girls get a chance they love putting on their rain coats. Did you know depending on where in the world you are from there are many different styles of rain coats.

Mackintosh, rubberised cloth
Waxed jacket (e.g. made in UK by Barbour and Burberry)
Anorak, derived from traditional Inuit designs
Cagoule, also Cagoul, Kagoule, Kagool
Trench coat
Driza-Bone, Australian oiled cotton

The Sou'wester is what I typically think of as the classic rain coat. Did you know according to Wiki...

"Oilskin jacket (sou'wester) and sou'wester hat.
A waterproof hat whose brim is longer in back than in front.
A long raincoat, often worn at sea.
Sou'westers were originally of oilcloth but may also be made of rubberized fabric or vinyl bonded to fabric."
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