Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"I haven't done that since I have been a kid!"

We recently took a car trip and stayed in a B&B courtesy of Grandmama and Grandpapa, Thank you! Anyway, we learned that you can really get away when you really are not that far away. Staying at a bed and breakfast is a good way to be treated like royalty and you are able to see places you would not normally see.

Our bed and breakfast was in Bellevue, Ohio. Never heard of it? Neither have we until we stayed there. You are in a very nice small town that has a great local farmers market. Fifteen miles away from Cedar Point, Bellevue is a great stopping point for southern tourists.

For the kids Bellevue has the largest train museum in Ohio!

So I would encourage you and your family to find a small town that has some scenery and get out! These local museums need the traffic and they are what is preserving our past for our future! Too many times I have heard... "I haven't done that since I have been a kid"

When you are sitting on your couch on a Sunday afternoon watching TV, get up and go to a local museum or your kids will not be able to say, "I haven't done that since I have been a kid!"

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