Monday, August 10, 2009

Go Gahanna! Pet and Kid Friendly

Lately we have been getting out and about utilizing all of what our local area has to offer.
I noticed a park near the house that I have never been to but I always pass, so I took the girls there one day.
What did I find?
Well first off what I was looking for at park for the kids. They loved it. Playgrounds and swings the bit.

But most of the acreage of this park is a completely fenced in Dog Park. It was absolutely amazing! All fenced in, with a smaller fenced in area for smaller dogs if you wanted them to play with other small dogs only! There were time out cages, water for the dogs, jugs to feed your dog water if you happen to forget one.

So if you have kids and/or a dog that need to let lose, I would suggest going to this park located in Gahanna.

Please click on the pictures you will see the the fencing for the dog park in the background. You will notice that Isabella is holding some leaves. Lately whenever she finds some "rainbow" leaves she thinks they are special and will pick them up, until she cannot hold any more. I honestly fear what is going to happen when fall comes if this still is going on.

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