Monday, August 10, 2009

Tasty and Fresh Gimmick

Recently I traveled to Washington D.C. to visit my parents. I saw one of the coolest and tastiest restaurant gimmicks I have ever seen and tasted. This is a fresh guacamole station that they roll up to your table and slice and dice everything right the to give you the freshest guacamole you could possibly have other than putting some avocado and all the other ingredients into your mouth and then chewing to mix.

I would tell any restaurant to start this and I wish more would. It is cheap and so good. If you are in the Northern Virginia / DC area I would suggest going to this Mexican Restaurant, it is well worth it. I can not wait to take Isabella and Charlotte there this weekend when we are visiting, I think they will get a kick out of this.

If you are interested please check out Alto Plaza Restaurant & Lounge, in Centreville, VA.

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