Friday, July 24, 2009

New School Digs!

Well everyone, it seems that the daycare we have been going to is going to close their doors as of September 30th. It will be a sad and happy transition to Isabella and Charlotte's new school. This past weekend, their new school held a carnival. Charlotte was still a little sick so she stayed home but Isabella had a blast.
Isabella cannot wait to get to her new school and Nicki and I cannot wait either. (It's a lot closer to the house!)

Take a look at the pictures Isabella had fun playing soccer. She won a pencil box with Tinkerbell on it. She loved "bouncing around the room" as pictured.
One great feature that we really like is the new school has a room dedicated to role playing. It is an entire town with a police station and grocery store, as well as a theater
pictured. We really think that Isabella and Charlotte will really enjoy growing with this new school.

As some of you may or may not know, Isabella will be having surgery to get rid of her saw that she uses at night to saw logs in mid-August. So after that we will be moving to the new school.

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