Sunday, July 5, 2009

Forth Of July Thoughts

Any holiday is stressful, and as my dad always said stress comes in many different ways. It can be good stress and it can be bad stress. Normally Forth of July holidays consists of eating and spending time with family and friends. When that is all over the fireworks.

Dealing with two kids way after their normal bedtime is very stressful even after an excellent day spent with our core family. Trying to keep them entertained on a blanket for two hours in the rain was a hard task. But once the fireworks started and I held my children it all faded away and it all is worth it. Watching the girls watch fireworks for the first time and the glassed eyes of amazement is something that I never want to forget.

Yes the Forth of July is a celebration of our country, but from now on I know that it means to me, that I have a loving family that consists of two beautiful girls and one wonderful wife. It is a time to realize that there are many ups and downs on our road of life but when you get a second to step aside, it all seems worth it.

Enjoy your life.
Live today and tomorrow will take care of itself.
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