Monday, April 20, 2009

A horse of course

This weekend there was a kids day at our local YMCA. There were a lot of learning booths that the kids could visit. Such as kids were able to learn about fires and fire safety and then of course what everyone wants to do, they were able to hold the fire hose and spray it. (Isabella needed assistance)

Also they brought in some horses the kids could ride. Isabella was so very excited about that. Although one thing was deterring from her fun. A mouse! Yes, someone dressed up like a mouse that Isabella was deathly scared of. But in the end the mouse went inside and all was well. The name of the horse she was able to ride was Reina.

Did you know that horses were first domesticated between 3500-4000BC? Originally (millions of years ago) they were a small multi-toed animal. Yes evolution does happen.

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