Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food, Food, Food, Oh how I love my Food

Charlotte loves her food. Every time she starts eating a lot I can't help but sing the Wiggles song "Food, Food, Food". I thank Isabella for introducing me to the song. I could not find the lyrics anywhere on the Internet so I decided to type them out. Check out the song... it's a catchy tune! ...and then when you see your kids start eating you too can get this song your head.

Banana, potato, some fruit from the fridge
Tomato, sultana, a bowl of porridge
Rock melon, pineapple, rhubarb in a dish
A lemon we squeeze on a fish
Spaghetti, I’m ready for a big piece of cheese
Some fruit cake with custard, may I have more please
An apple, a pawpaw, and red strawberries
Roast chicken, fish fingers, and cream and jelly
Food, all I need is some food
Food Oh I love my food
Baked beans on toast with corn for crunch
Eggs that are scrambled, with bacon for lunch
Yogurt with muesli, to chew and to munch
A carrot and peas and a broccoli bunch
Food, all I need is some food
Food Oh I love my food
A meat pie, a burger, vegetable quiche
With parsley on top, and orange to squeeze
Rice cakes and biscuits, a soft mandarin
Sponges, and muffins with a cheery thrown in
Food, all I need is some food – fruit salad
Food Oh I love my food – hot potato
Food, all I need is some food – cold spaghetti
Food Oh I love my food – mashed banana

-written by The Wiggles
Please tell me if you believe some of the words are wrong.
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  1. I think what you have listed as a paw paw is actually a Po'Boy' sandwich, with an australian accent. Not sure, but that was what I thought. Thanks so much for posting these - my daughter is delighted!