Friday, October 31, 2008

Where did the "smell my feet" go?

"Beggars' Night" was actually on October 31st this year and it was on a Friday which I think was extra special. Isabella and Charlotte went out with Nicki to beg for some candy. At first Isabella wasn't too sure of what was going on, but once the candy started rolling in she enjoyed it. Although she was a little scared by all of the ghosts and goblins out.

The next day Isabella informed us she would like to go trick or treating again.

If I only had one gripe, many of the kids are not "coached" anymore they come up and just hold out their bag. Where did the "smell my feet" go? I even asked them "What do you say?", they just looked at me with bewilderment. So in my eyes at least two phrases should be said on Beggars' Night, "Trick or Treat" (the rest of the song if you so wish) and "Thank you". Very small kids get a pass.

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