Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day at the park

Prior to the football game (OSU vs. Purdue 2008), as a family we walked to a local school yard for Isabella and Charlotte to play. I am not sure if we are allowed to play there or not, there are no signs. Anyway, they had a great time.

Update: Charlotte has moved to pureed broccoli and butternut squash. She is sitting pretty well also. One thing she still needs to work on is rolling over. She can do it, I think she just doesn't choose to.

As far as the food we have been making Charlotte, I really wish we did that for Isabella. (Thanks Mandi for showing us the light.) It is easy and cheap. There are two things that are irreplaceable making baby food.

Hand blender: I am sure any brand would do.

Baby food mill: Once again I am sure any brand would do.

Silicone Ice Cube Trays: Why Silicone? It does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes. Oh and it is easy to get the cubes out.
*As many of you may know I am a big fan of Alton Brown and he is a big preacher of Multi-Taskers. I think both of these are. Remember there should be only one uni-tasker in the kitchen... the fire extinguisher.

Isabella has gained a new quirk. She carries around a book and then "reads" it to her dolls. These aren't picture books, these are novels. Before anyone asks she doesn't read them she just turns the pages over and over. Isabella also has become a huge fan of Hummus. (I really have no explanation why my 2 year old likes that.)

Joey: Remember when Ross tried to say 'BUTTER NUT SQUASH' and it came out 'SQUATTER NUT BOSH'!!Ross: Yeah dude, that's the same.....

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