Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple & Pumpkin Picking

It was a Felter family outing on Sunday, we drove to "Lynd Fruit Farm". It was a beautiful day in Pataskala, Ohio. We bought some cider, fresh apples, BBQ sauce (for Fred), potatoes, and some other various fresh produce.
Then we decided to take a hayride. During the ride they stopped and let everyone off to pick an apple of the tree to eat. Isabella had a great time talking to some girls friends that she met on the ride. (About 8 20-somethings ladies on the ride.) She learned that you only eat apples from the tree not from the ground. Which she reminded us about 20 more times that day and continues to when she shes an apple. After the hayride we decided to go to the pumpkin patch.

In the end we did find two good pumpkins. Charlotte wasn't having the best of times because she kept staring at the weeds, while reaching for them and we pulled her away. She got upset with us, take a look at the picture she is still looking at the weeds. Also, if you notice Isabella's apple changes between pictures, that is because she dropped her original apple and got very upset. So, I picked her another one. Sorry Lynd's Farm I owe you an apple. Although after paying $3 for a small lemonade, I think we are even.
(1/2 lemon + 1/2 cup sugar + water + ice + agitation <> $3.00)

Personal note: After blogging pretty much everything since Charlotte was born, I was thinking that she is going to have a log of her young childhood. Combine this with the daily reports we get from her day care she can pretty much track her whole early life. That is something that I or anyone older does not have.
I try to think back on my memories; most of my memories are brief flashes and told stories that I am sure change over time. Then I look back through my old photo album and some more memories come back. Are pictures a catalyst to remembering past or just a crutch?
Now we have digital cameras, cameras on our cell phones, we can take a picture pretty much anytime now. That should give the babies of today a broader memory of their past. With most things when you gain something you probably lose something else. So what do I have that Isabella and Charlotte won't have? Will something like story telling go by the wayside along with penmanship, spelling, and basic arithmetic?

*This whole personal note is only 180 words long, and I have two pictures to go along with this post - 1820 words left

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