Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organize The Many Pictures You Take Of the Kids

If you are like me you love taking pictures.
Of the kids or anything in general.
In the past you didn't have a lot of good organizational tools to help you manage all of the pictures being taken, unless you were on a Max or the program was a small fortune... until now...

Google's product Picasa 3 is available for a free download and use. Ever since this has come out I have been using this program. It is easy and powerful at the same time. It also allows you to organize your pictures easily.

Picture 1: You can see there is a picture of Isabella and Charlotte. Currently in that picture I have told Picasa that Charlotte is in that picture. So it highlights her face. Right after this screen capture I added Isabella's name as well. Once you have told the program a few faces it will start to guess, this is where it really speeds up the process of naming.

Picture 2: If you have a camera that can geocache or you know where the picture is taken you can store the location of where the image was taken.

Picture 3: You can then choose a name and it will bring up all of the images that person is. You can see that in this picture that Charlotte has many different pictures and I can click on any one of the to see the actual picture.

Over all this is a great program. It helps me organize my many pictures. I will have to admit if you have the thousands of pictures on your computer like I do getting all of the faces is slightly tedious. But there is much reward once complete.
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