Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yesterday a coworked brought some "High Five" (ages 2-6) by Highlights magazines to see if the girls would like them... THEY LOVED THEM! What a great little magazine that can grow with your kids. I can assure you when the 6 that he gave me have been completely read through we will be paying for the subscription. I would say it is a little expensive over all but well worth the price.

According to Wiki: "Highlights for Children (referred as simply Highlights) is an American children's magazine. It began publication in June 1946, started by Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife Caroline Clark Myers in Honesdale, Pennsylvania (the present location of its editorial office). They both worked for another children's magazine, Children's Activities, for 12 years before leaving to start Highlights. The company is presently based in Columbus, Ohio. Highlights has surpassed a billion copies in print."
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