Thursday, December 3, 2009

Puffed Rice Treats!

Get your kids into cooking!

Well this really isn't cooking but it is fun and easy for the kids to help with! This time we added white chocolate chips... Yum!

Did you know? According to Wiki
Rice Krispie treats were invented in 1928 by Mildred Day and the staff at the Kellogg Company home economics department as a fund raiser for Camp Fire Girls

Rice Krispies (known as Rice Bubbles in Australia and New Zealand) is a breakfast cereal that was created by Eugene McKay for the Kellogg company, and later marketed by Kellogg's in 1927 and released to the public in 1928.

I am sure you didn't know this...

The cereal is marketed on the basis of the noises it produces when milk is added to the bowl. The onomatopoeic noises differ by language:
English: "Snap! Crackle! Pop!"
Canadian French: "Cric! Crac! Croc!"
Spanish: "Pim! Pum! Pam!"
German: "Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!"
Danish: "Piff! Paff! Puff!"
Finnish: "Riks! Raks! Poks!" <-- I like this one!
Dutch: "Pif! Paf! Pof!"
Afrikaans: "Knap! Knaetter! Knak!"

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