Monday, February 2, 2009

Recently Isabella and I were watching Dumbo. When we got to the part where Dumbo was missing her mom and Dumbo was being rocked. (As pictured) I explained to Isabella what was going on.

Isabella: "She misses her mommy... She needs her mommy... Her mommy wants to give her a hug... Why can't she see her mommy... I miss my mommy... I want to see mama..."

...and cue the waterworks. We had to stop the movie and go see Nicki right away. Isabella curled up in Nicki's arms and would not let go for a while. Eventually she stopped crying.


  1. Tell Isabella I feel exactly the same way whenever I watch Dumbo. I cannot watch that movie without crying in that scene!
    Ms. Lorie (from daycare)

  2. By the way,
    I love this blog!!!
    Ms. Lorie