Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great "Scotts" what are we feeding our kids?

Today we finally were able to go to a shop that I have always wanted to go to, The Bexley Natural Food Market. This co-op has a great selection of locally grown foods and other natural ingredients that are sometimes hard to find. So if you are coming to our house soon, be prepared for some fresh parsnips, fresh broccoli, wild rice, and many other great finds.

Prior to Mandi and Tom opening our eyes to their co-op in Madison, Wisconsin, We were completely blind to such a thing even existed. Now we know and we are happy to find one so close to home. Thanks!

Eating fresh locally grown food will not only support your community but it will also help cut down on the pesticides you and your family eat. Read this and it may open your eyes. Okay so you don't believe in this, that is okay, do you have a Petri dish. I am always up for an experiment.
Please note we are not a gurus nor are we apostles but we try!
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  1. I am glad you found a co-op. Lots of yummy food!