Thursday, December 18, 2008

Charlotte is 9 Months today and she decided to crawl!

Yes it's true Charlotte decided to crawl today. It wasn't very far and after we made he do it about 5 times she was very upset with us. Although this was literally the third crawl ever. The first two we watched and had to make sure, then we ran for the camera. We are hoping this becomes a habit. Please note in this video you hear a smacking noise. I have no clue what Isabella was doing behind me. Luna is okay so she wasn't hitting the dog.

According to "Crawling is defined as any form of prone progression -- any way of moving in which the tummy is toward the floor. In fact, in one of her many studies on crawling babies, Karen Adolph, PhD, associate professor of psychology at New York University, observed 25 unique combinations of body parts used to propel a baby forward.
- The belly crawl (also known as the commando crawl)
- The classic crawl (baby alternates arms and legs, getting the arm on one side to hit the floor at the same time as the leg on the opposite side)The bear crawl (baby walks on all fours, arms and legs unbent)
- The crab crawl (baby pushes with arms instead of pulls -- which has the unintended, and frustrating, consequence of sending baby backward)
- The leapfrog crawl (baby makes a bridge with her arms and legs and then thrusts forward)
- The roll (some babies get so good at rolling that it becomes their primary way to get around)"