Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Only a Little Odd

While at the outlets. Isabella wanted to play in the kids area. But she got stuck "catapulting" wood chips using the periscope. I am not sure why but she did it for about 20 minutes.

From what her teachers are telling us. She knows all of the birthdays of all of the kids in her class.

The other day I could not find my wallet anywhere. I looked high and low for about 15 minutes. I said forget about it, so we started leaving the house. While in the driveway I stopped the car and turned to Isabella and asked. "Isabella, where is daddy's wallet." She replyed, "Ummm, ummm... on the chair daddy". So Nicki turns to me and tells me she will go in and get it becuase she knew where Isabella was playing. In the end my wallet was not anywhere near where Isabella was playing it was on one of the dining room chairs. The question I asked myself, why at all does my two year old know where my wallet is?

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