Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008 "Obama Llama"?

Change is here. Election 2008
Charlotte enjoyed watching the news as the results were coming in.
Isabella went with Nicki to vote, she even pressed the final button!

Who did she vote for you may ask? Well the story started a few weeks ago while at the zoo. (Yes it's true) She was able to meet a mama llama and Isabella really liked her and kept talking about "Mama Llama". So when asked, "McCain or Obama"? She was really excited and said "Obama Llama".

(This picture was taken outside the voting area. All decisions were made by an adult. We figure that she is probably more excited with the stickers and m&ms than with the actual voting process, but we're still really proud that she participated. She'll probably want to go voting again tomorrow . . . to get more candy and stickers.)

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