Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking out for Fall

One thing I have been trying to get the girls to notice is the fact that all of the trees are turning colors during the Fall. I ask them what colors do they see, then I ask them to try saying the colors in different languages as well. It is a game I like to play on our way home from school.
However, it seems that the most common question that is asked is "why?".
Well its simple and here is the answer for all, as we all learned in grade school plants use carbon dioxide and water to make oxygen and glucose. Oxygen is released into the air (environmental plug is inserted here) while the glucose is used for the plant to grow bigger. Simple. This whole process is done by chlorophyll, which has a vivid green color.
Now when fall comes we obviously have less sunlight and less water. Forcing the tree to stop production of oxygen and glucose, forcing the bright green chlorophyll to go away and the leaves to show their true colors. Depending on the position of the tree to the sun, amount of water and temperature you will get different leaves turning different colors. And to add on to the craziness, the tree also gets rid of waste in the leaves as well during this time helping the color madness! So that is the very simple way of what is going on. Is there a better more scientific way to explain? Yes... but this will do.
If you are in a part of the country that had Fall colors... get outside and enjoy it. It only happens for a few weeks once a year. Its worth it!

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