Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Isabella's First Running Race

This is Isabella's first running race. She was able to run in the 6 and under age group. She did so well. Grandma-ma was so nice to get her new running shoes that she does not take off now.

Isabella warmed up by running in place while holding Grandma's hand.

Then she ran her 100 yard run.

After the race she was looking around trying to find me at the finish line. She did so well, we all are so proud!

As an update, Nicki and I were able to run our 5K. This was Nicki's first and she finished with a 22:50 time, and I got my personal best at a 22:28!

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  1. Isabella is so cute I can scarcely stand it! She looks like we may have another Kara Goucher on our hands!