Friday, January 16, 2009

Chill Out! Zimny, Dingin, Kall, šaltas

This morning was an abnormally cold day. This is a day after Isabella asked me if we could go to the outdoor playground. This screen shot was taken around 9AM and it was still that cold. I have heard that it was as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degrees Celsius) last night. The leather in the car was crunchy, the LCD was moving slow, the steering was poor. Even my seat belt didn't want to unwind. It reminds me of physics class and discussing absolute zero when everything comes to a stop. Does everyone remember that?
After doing some research I found that the freezing point of Silicone grease is -40 degrees. For LCDs it is around -30. So last night we were well on our way.

Arabic: بارِد
Chinese (Simplified): 冷
Chinese (Traditional): 冷
Czech: studený
Danish: kold
Dutch: koud
Estonian: külm
Finnish: kylmä
French: froid
German: kalt
Greek: κρύος
Hungarian: hideg
Icelandic: kaldur
Indonesian: dingin
Italian: freddo <- you have to love that one
Japanese: 冷たい
Korean: 차가운
Latvian: auksts
Lithuanian: šaltas, šaldytas
Norwegian: kald
Polish: zimny
Portuguese (Brazil): frio
Portuguese (Portugal): frio
Romanian: rece
Russian: холодный
Slovak: studený
Slovenian: hladen
Spanish: frío
Swedish: kall
Turkish: soğuk

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