Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DARKNESS Day 3 - One with the darkness

Yes we are now into our third day with no power. Yesterday after work we bought ice (which was really hard to find... we got lucky!) taking what ever we could salvage out of the fridge and freezer and putting them on ice. Tossing a whole bunch of other food out. Cleaning the fridge top to bottom on the inside.
Then we went over to Steve and Jen's house to give a bath to the girls. We owe them so much to open their doors while we are in a disaster. Thank you so much Collis's!!

Inside thoughts: Now that the food is taken care of and on ice, which should be okay for a few days. We really have embraced the dark. Going to bed early. Not watching TV. No Internet. No lights. Living by candle light. We really can do it. We get a realization of how tied to electricity we really are.

We all take for granted basic things such as hot water, circulating air, convenience of a light switch and not having to light a candle. In the end we are not dealing with anything compared to the devastation of the direct hits of hurricanes Ike and Katrina, our heart really go out to the people that have less than we do at our 19th century house. We have a roof above our heads and clean running water. Without those necessities I don't know where we would be.

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