Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blizzard of the Century! 2008

I may be elaborating a little, although the news said it was the worst in decades. Here is a collage that I made of different scenes.

Isabella did have a good time in the snow although it was deep in some parts and she got scared.

Okay by the end of the storm we were all going a little bonkers and had cabin fever!

Although as an update, on Saturday in the middle of the storm Nicki was worried about the baby moving that much, so we decided to take the trek to the hospital. Yes during the blizzard! In the end everyone was okay they baby seemed okay. Everyone made it home safe. We did decide if we had the baby that day her name would have been Neve Tempest (Snow Storm).

This is hot off the press (As in 10 mins ago): Nicki just got out of seeing the doctor. Her fluid levels are up although they said the baby wasn't moving as much as they liked. So they played a loud noise so the baby would kick. Nicki said it hurt.

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