Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007

This past Christmas was not our most memorable.

Two days before Christmas we woke up to a wind storm and in the morning we found out that a tree had fallen over onto our new car that we picked up two weeks ago. I attached a picture of the limbs that we cut down and put on the side of the house. In the end the car is dented up but drivable.
**(Picture of the aftermath and after hours of cutting with the chain saw.)

Around that same time Isabella started to get sick. On Christmas day and after a few days of barely eating or drinking we took Isabella into the ER (or ED the proper way we should call it) and she was transferred to the U of M, ED and then admitted. Isabella was admitted with RSV which is sort of a viral pneumonia. She was put on oxygen and since the O2 levels didn't stabilize because of all of the junk in her lungs. The doctors monitored her O2 level at all times. She was a brave and strong little girl that took everything very well. We were released on December 26th, and we are back at Nicki's parents house with orders to get her rested and filled with fluids. Today she has almost fully bounced back and we now have Isabella back! Although Nicki is very sick and with her with child she has limited drugs she can take. She is going to the doctor today and I know that in a few days everything will be back to normal.
**(The Styrofoam cup was a great idea by one of the nurses on duty. Isabella was very scared of the mask that everyone would use to get O2, so she came up with the idea of putting the air tube in a cup and put that in front of her face. It worked and Isabella stopped crying and as you can see feel asleep!)

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